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If staff at your medical facility is like others, they work hard caring for others and have little time to take care of things for themselves. Schedule a "Scrub Sale" with us and we'll put a smile on their face! Our goal is to make you and your staff happy by bringing a unique shopping experience to your workplace.

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Shopping Made Easy

Our scrub sales run themselves. We conduct each of our scrub sales events from our custom built "mini-mall." We are just like the stores in the mall only BETTER! All we need is a space to park so that we are conveniently located for your staff to shop before and after work and during their breaks. Our stores are air-conditioned and heated; have dressing rooms; music; refreshments and of course, scrubs, and we mean LOTS of scrubs!!!

Big Store, Big Selection

Our selection is BIG. No other company brings as much to your facility as us. We are the biggest hands down. We always carry at least 5,000 pieces of inventory on each of our stores. Our sizes range from XS to 5XL and we carry shoes from size 5 to 13. We also stock more than 70 different prints, have solids in 20 colors and 15 different styles. You want cargo pants-we have 5 different styles. Want flare style pants? We got ‘em. Cartoon Prints? We carry more than 30 of them! By the way, we always are updating our inventory so you will see the newest items as soon as they come out!

Our goal is to bring quality items to you and your staff so we carry top labels like Barco, Cherokee, Peaches, Dansko, Dickies, IguanaMed, KOI, Algeria, K-Swiss, Littman, Prestige Medical and many others.

Prices starting at 9.99!

Because we specialize in scrub sales only, we are able to pass along some of our savings to the customer. We offer scrub tops or bottoms for as low as $9.99 and have prints beginning at $14.99. We want you and your staff to be happy and we work hard to prove it.

Other Extras

Not only do we bring a tremendous amount of inventory at great prices, we also offer other services that our competitors don't:

Employee of the Month Program

Because we want you and your staff to be happy we offer Employee of the Month Programs to those facilities that work with us exclusively. While each facility is different, we work hard to offer a wide range of gifts and promotions for particular programs geared toward rewarding your staff.

Online Sales Events

Through the use of our online store, we are able to offer special online shopping events for your staff. This can be a great tool for those facilities that are relatively small or in remote locations where we may not able to visit on a quarterly basis.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us to set up an event and then prepare yourself. We will impress you and your staff. We look forward to having the chance to EARN and KEEP your business. We are fun, friendly, professional and best of all, we are #1 at what we do.

Retailers and medical facilities long ago recognized that onsite uniform sales were a good way to reward staff and boost morale. Let’s face it, most people are just too busy to go shopping for scrubs and accessories so bringing the store to the staff is a great perk. However, just as some stores are better to shop at than others the same holds true for scrub sales. Not all scrub sales are created equal. With the Uniforms Direct Advantage, we will:

  • Bring our own "mini-mall" to you!
  • We won't interfere with your normal work-flow.
  • Bring the newest styles
  • Provide exceptional service
  • Offer easy to use Electronic Payroll Deduction Data
  • Offer Employee of the Month Program(s)

Employees love our unique Payroll Deduction Program. It's simple, risk free and and eliminates a huge amount of work for your payroll/accounting departments. By using an electronic point of sale system to handle each and every transaction, we are able to group the sales data and assemble it into formats that are compatible with virtually all accounting and payroll programs. We've retained 100 percent of our payroll deduct customers since starting mobile scrub sales at Uniforms Direct. Call us for more information!



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